Eastern Group is over 50 years old and is currently in the third generation of its family business. In the past several decades Eastern has contributed immensely to the betterment of home furnishing industry, the workers and the Environment.

Founder: Haji Abdul Hamid Ansari – 1947
Second Generation: Haji Zafar I. Ansari – 1982
Third Generation: Abdul R. Ansari – 2009

No. of people currently working in the organization are over 1500 and are guided by the vision “best in the manner we operate, best in the manner we deliver and best in our value system and ethics”.

Initial exports were of handmade rugs but since 2009 Eastern Mills makes all soft furnishing products like Rugs, Bathmats, Beddings, Pillows, Poufs, Throws, Curtains etc. Currently our products are exported to more than 30 countries.

We strive towards vertically integrating all processes of production from Spinning, Dyeing, Weaving, Finishing and Packing. We continue to introduce mechanical and technological advancements in various production processes to improve in quality and efficiency so that we can pass it to our customer.

We are conscious of our social and environmental responsibilities.Our carpet weaving training program teaches women workers to weave carpets and improve their skills to keep the craftsmanship alive in the region. Shuttles are provided to commute women to work and a safe and secure environment is provided for them to flourish and become independent.

Our carpet manufacturing plant has rain water harvesting which consumes the water in the landscape and plantations in our 15 acre premises.

We are part of organizations such as “Goodweave” and “Care and Fair” which donates part of our margins to schools for under privileged children and also to ensure no child labor is used in the making of rugs.

Our factory infrastructure is designed in a way which utilizes sunlight instead of electricity which reduces carbon footprint.

As corporate citizens, we do our bit and we continue to build on that.

Group of Companies

  • Eastern Yarn Dyeing – Bhadohi
  • Eastern Yarn Spinning – Bikaner
  • Textile Rubber and Chemical Company – Bhadohi
  • Eastern Mills Pvt Ltd. (Machine-made and Hand made) – Bhadohi
  • Eastern Home Industries – IKEA – Bhadohi
  • Home Furnishing Division – Noida
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