At Eastern, we show personal leadership in health and safety. We act responsibly towards the environment and community. We demonstrate commitment and ownership. We act decisively, empower and lead change.

We want to make a difference in the local community by empowering as many workers as we can with growth by creating better opportunities. It is our responsibility to provide continuous employment opportunities, better working conditions for the workers and contribute to a better environment. We also provide our workers with on-going training programs to be able to develop them and enhance their skills. We look at our craftsmen with special eyes, and are committed to uplifting their stance in society by providing better working conditions, and better wages.

We have a special focus to provide opportunities to women workers. We encourage the employment of women workers and providing them a safe working environment. We also provide where needed bus transportation. Through our Eastern Educational Society we have opened a school for girls in Bhadohi and today we have 350 students. We would like to open more schools and a degree college.

We are also contributing to a better environment using solar lights to minimum power usage. We also focus on reducing carbon footprint by optimal use of transport and having more in-house activities.

We are committed to keeping the carpet weaving skill set alive and providing employment and personal development to men and women.

Our Foundation website: Eastern Foundation

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